What to look for?

July 15, 2011 in Leaders (F5) by CPM UK

Any training/events/gatherings we facilitate should help us to identify potential leaders with these characteristics:

  • Do they love God?
What difference does the Gospel and the commands of Jesus make to their life? Do they demonstrate a love for God through their obedience to the commands of scripture?
  • Do They love people?
Anybody can talk about being missional, church multiplication or movement principles. Does a person demonstrate a God – given compassion for people though? We can only discover this through spending time with people. We don’t announce this but are looking for it amongst people. Many ‘leaders’ love their culture more than their people. 
  • Do they work hard?

Are people hard workers or are they lazy. Do they do the work set for them in the training/coaching?

  • Are they active learners?
How much information do they need before they go and do something? Are they wrestling with things. Are they able to receive a little and then go and put it into practice?




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