May 25, 2011 in Prayer by CPM UK

(Notes taken from coaching session with Paul D Watson)

Paul shared that Prayer and fasting is a strategic element. Without prayer and fasting you will not see a Church Planting Movement. Movements around the world are characterised by high levels of prayer and fasting.

Paul suggests that there are 3 areas to look at when thinking about prayer:

  1. Personal prayer and fasting – are we committed to regular prayer and fasting?
  2. Family/Team Prayer – is prayer part of what you are doing as a team/family?
  3. Mobilising Prayer – asking others to pray for you outside the area and in other countries

Some questions to consider about when you think about the levels of prayer for and within your work:

  • How am I personally giving time to prayer and fasting in order to seek God’s heart and direction?
  • How am I modelling prayer for lost people in our region to those we work with?
  • How am I communicating the scope of lostness and problems in my area to others so that they can pray effectively?
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