Essential elements of a Church Planting Movement

BIG PICTURE / FATHER’S HEART (click on title)

Church Planting Movements are birthed out of people asking God what His heart is for their Villages, Towns, Cities and Regions? Throughout the New Testament and around the world we see situations where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading and where the number of disciples and Churches are multiplying. The world’s population is multiplying. Billions of people have not heard the message of the Gospel. In order to fulfil the commands of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations/peoples we need a prayerful strategy that will result in not only the growth of disciples and churches but the MULTIPLICATION of them. Here in the UK we need to see a multiplication movement of disciples, servant leaders and churches. Nothing less will fulfil God’s heart and purpose for the UK.

PRAYER (click on title)

Jesus made it very clear to His disciples that He was only doing what He saw His Father doing. (John 5:19)  The need for prayer at every level of a Church Planting Movement is essential. From persistent desperate prayer for a people group or community to bold prayer during evangelism. Everything must be saturated in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit

CONNECT (F1) (click on title)

Jesus said that the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37) The problem has always been the lack of effective kingdom workers rather than the hardness of the ground we are working with. In our regions and nations we need to prayerfully search out the land and ask God to show us who He is wanting to build His church amongst. No longer can we ask God to come and bless our ministry. We need to join Him in His ministry of redeeming all of creation. What people/groups/communities should we focusing on? How can we preach the Gospel and make disciples amongst those people in a culturally sensitive way? Which are the households/Oikos’ that the Father is wanting us to plant the Gospel into?

GOSPEL (F2)  (click on title)

Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. He instructed His Disciples to pray that laborers will be sent out into the harvest. (Matthew 9:37+38) We are not called to be “Church – goers” but the “Church-going”. Abundant Gospel sowing will bring forth an abundant harvest. How are we strategically and abundantly sowing the Gospel in our region?

DISCIPLES (F3) (click on title)

Jesus came to make disciples. People who will obey Him and teach others to obey Him. How are we making disciples and teaching others to obey Jesus? In a movement we need to first multiply disciples before we can multiply leaders or churches.

COMMUNITIES (F4) (click on title)

Throughout the Bible we see God’s desire to family/community. Jesus constantly shared “one another” statements and Paul continued this theme. God’s desire is to build healthy Spiritual families who can nurture and encourage one another. Rather then a service or religious meeting – these Spiritual families share their lives deeply with each other and members mutually encourage each other in the task of disciple making.

LEADERS (F5) (click on title)

Jesus gives gifts to the Church in order that the body may be built up and edified (Ephesians 4) Rather than managers or directors – we need Spiritual servants who will esteem and lift up others before themselves. We need to intentionally train servant leaders to continue the work of disciple making until the whole region/nation hears and receives the Gospel.


As churches multiply and spread and as leaders emerge – regional or city-wide networks will develope.