How do we train?

July 15, 2011 in Disciples (F3), Leaders (F5) by CPM UK

How do we train and coach disciples and leaders in a movement?

Growth and development happens when people realise their is a gap between their experience or obedience and what God is asking of them. Part of our job as trainers/disciplers/coaches is help people see that gap.

Using scripture…

Allow God to speak to people through scripture. They then are dealing with God and  not you! What scriptures or passages could lead people to become greater disciples and disciple makers? We help people on a process of discovery from the scriptures.

As trainers we need to think about the barriers that people are facing and use appropriate scriptures/methods.

It’s not about us…

We are passing on a relationship with God not all the answers! It’s better to pass on a repeatable process that leads people to find answers themselves rather than tell people what we think. Our aim as trainers is for people to “own” the ideas and principles as much, if not more, than we ourselves do. Are people becoming more reliant on God or on you as the trainer?

Be creators not just implementors…

How can we be creative in finding ways to help people obey the commands of Jesus? The process of training/learning is just as important as the content.




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