Finding Good Soil

May 27, 2011 in Connect (F1) by CPM UK


At a recent conference Neil Cole shared some principles about starting churches that multiply.

Somebody asked him whether he thought that the ground was harder in some places. Neil shared that he would stake his life on the truth that there is good soil in every nation. Neil shared that he has never struggled to find good soil but the challenge has always been what to do when you have found it.

He shared about how he has learnt to find people who are open to the Gospel and who God has prepared to receive the Gospel into their oikos or household.

1) Be intentional – Jesus proclaimed the Gospel and made disciples in a very intentional way. Where is God telling you to go and how will you plant the Gospel and make disciples there?

2) Be upfront with the Gospel – Share the Gospel with people right at the start rather than trying to cleverly work it in at a later date. What God wants comes from a life-change within. A lifetime of loving and serving people will not make anybody become a believer. By sharing the Gospel and being up front with people we are working with the Holy Spirit to find the good soil which will produce fruit and obedience

3) Filter People – Jesus told his disciples to go to towns and villages and to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom. If people received the Gospel then the disciples stayed with them. If people rejected the Gospel then they were to shake the dust off their feet and move on. The disciples were sent out to find people who would receive the Gospel and continue in it when the disciples left. If everything is dependant on the leader or missionary then there will be no growth in the church/movement. The disciples invested into people who had the internal motivation to obey the Gospel but left those who did nothing about it! Consequently the work of the Gospel spread through ordinary believers rather than a handful of leaders trying to do everything and achieving very little

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