Discovery Bible Study – from Creation to Christ

December 6, 2011 in Gospel (F2) by CPM UK

Around the world disciples and churches have multiplied through simple discovery Bible studies. You can read more about these discovery methods here


Scripture List for Creation to Christ

Genesis 1:1-25   The Creation Story: God created the World

Genesis 2:4-24   The Creation Story: The creation of Man

Genesis 3:1-13   The Fall: The first sin and judgement

Genesis 3:14-24   The Fall: Judgement of a Sinful world

Genesis 6:1-9, 17   The Fall: The Flood

Genesis 12:1-8, 15:1-6   Redemption: God’s promise to Abram

Genesis 22:1-19   Redemption: Abraham offers Isaac as a sacrifice

Exodus 12:1-28   Redemption: The promise of passover

Exodus 20:1-21   Redemption: The ten commandments

Leviticus 4:1-35   Redemption: The sacrificial system

Isaiah 53   Redemption: Isaiah foreshadows the coming promise

Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20   Redemption: The Birth of Jesus

Matthew 3, John 1:29-34   Redemption: Jesus is baptized

Matthew 4:1-11   Redemption: The temptation of Christ

John 3:1-21   Redemption: Jesus and Nicodemus

John 4:1-26, 39-42   Redemption: Jesus and the woman at the well

Luke 5:17-26   Redemption: Jesus forgives and heals

Mark 4:35-41   Redemption: Jesus calms the storm

Mark 5:1-20  Redemption: Jesus casts out evil spirits

John 11:1-44   Redemption: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Matthew 26:26-30   Redemption: The first Lord’s supper

John 18:1-19, 16   Redemption: Jesus is betrayed and condemned

Luke 23:32-56   Redemption: Jesus is crucified

Luke 24:1-35   Redemption: Jesus conquers death

Luke 24:36-53   Redemption: Jesus appears and ascends

John 3:1-21   Redemption: We have a choice

A simple inductive study involves three steps:

1)      Observation of the scripture (what does it say?)

2)      Interpretation of the scripture (what does it mean?)

3)      Application of the scripture (what will I do in response?)

4)      Sharing of the scripture (who will I share this with?)

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