Developing Leaders

July 15, 2011 in Leaders (F5) by CPM UK

The way we make disciples and leaders from day one will influence the fruit that we see down the line. How can we be intentional in our development of leaders?

Often in Church Planting Movements you need to develop:

  • Leaders coming out of a legacy/institutional church background
  • Leaders coming out of the harvest (i.e new disciples)
A different strategy is needed for each group and we need to be prayerful and strategic about our level in involvement with leaders from these two areas.
Developing Leaders coming out of a legacy/institutional church background…

This needs to involve a lot of deconstruction so that a truly scriptural understanding of the terms disciple, church and discipleship can be grasped and implemented. We need to help them form an understanding of the organic nature of the Gospel rather than a building/programme understanding.

Developing Leaders coming out of the harvest…

Little or no time is needed to deconstruct false ideas about church and discipleship but this work is much messier!

What tools and methods are you using to develop leaders in your mission field?


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