Church without walls

May 22, 2011 in Communities (F4) by CPM UK

Why do we seem to complicate church and add things that are not needed?

Imagine a church without:

buildings, paid professionals, ordained ministers, tithes, sermons, pulpits+pews+platforms, communion, order of service, denominations, charitable status and a central location one day a week?

What if we didn’t meet on Sundays?

What if we didn’t hire a pastor?

What if we weren’t part of a denomination?

What if none of our ‘ministers’ were ‘ordained’ and none went to ‘bible college?’

What if we didn’t aspire to ‘own our own building?’

What if our church was not ‘accountable’ to a ‘hierarchy’ or under a ‘covering?’

What if we hadn’t been given ‘permission’ to exist and no-one knew where our ‘authority’ came from?

What if our church didn’t have many who were ‘professionals’, not many ‘intellectuals’, not many ‘rich and wealthy’, not many ‘successful’ and not many ‘talented,’ not many ‘natural born leaders’, not many who are ‘knowledgable of current trends’?

What if our church was made up of those reputed to be prostitutes, drug-dealers, heroin addicts, young offenders, homosexuals, alcoholics, mentally-ill and depressed people?

What if our church wasn’t a registered charity?

What if our church didn’t have a mission statement, letter heads, costly overheads, church office or tax-refundable giving?

Whatever would be left?


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