Church Planting Trip 3

May 27, 2011 in Big Picture (Father's Heart) by CPM UK

A brief outline of Pauls 3rd church-planting/mission trip

(as seen by cross-referencing Pauls letters to the churches he planted with the book of Acts)

Paul set off, strengthening the churches in Galatia again, then headed to Asia (modern West Turkey)

ASIA MINOR (modern West Turkey)


Paul finds some believers and asks them whether they’ve received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They haven’t so he prays and they receive Him, about 12 men.

He then preaches in the synagogues for a while (3 months)

before leaving and getting a daily teaching slot in a lecture hall (Hall of Tyrannus)

He teaches/trains there daily for over 2 years.

The gospel spreads throughout the whole region

Altogether Paul stays in Ephesus about 3 years. God does unusual miracles through Paul. Some guys start imitating him trying to drive out evil-spirit but they get a beating for it.

Witches and occultists are overwhelmed by the demonstration of power through the name of Jesus and burn their occult materials amounting to the value of over 1 million pounds

Shops and businesses that make and sell idols lose custom and complain, dragging believers before the authorities

Paul sends a team to Macedonia (N. Greece) to strengthen the churches planted on last trip

Other teams go across Southern Greece and Asia (west Turkey) strengthening and starting churches

Paul himself then leaves Ephesus and strengthens the churches he started in Macedonia (Philippian, Thessalonian and Berean Churches) and Achaia (Corinthian Church).


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