Church Circles (F4)

April 11, 2015 in Communities (F4) by CPM UK

“Church Circles” is a tool that helps us to establish healthy multiplying churches where those involved identify themselves as a ‘church’ and where the scriptural elements of church are all present.

1. Start by describing your group/community and draw out a dotted-line circle on your piece of paper

2. Above the dotted-line circle write down 3 numbers – i) How many people regularly attend (Stick figure) ii) The number who believe in Jesus (Cross) and iii) The number baptised (Water)

2. Then read through Acts 2:37-47 and ask the question which elements of the early Acts church are happening regularly in this group/community

3. If an element is being regularly practiced then draw a symbol representing it inside the circle. If it is missing, then draw it outside the circle

4. When you have identified what is missing – draw an arrow from the symbols outside the circle and ask the question – “What would it take to start practising these elements in the group/community?” You can then use the 7 Commands of Christ or other discovery scriptures to incorporate these missing elements

5. Finally get to the core question – “Does this group/community see themselves as a church?” If the group identifies themselves as a church then fill in the dotted-line circle with a solid line

6. If they don’t identify themselves as a church then read Acts 2:37-47 together and help them identify and incorporate what is missing

Here is a list of Church elements and the icons you can draw when using this tool:

1. Covenant – solid line instead of dotted line
2. Baptism – water
3. Word – book
4. Lord’s Supper or Communion – a cup
5. Fellowship – heart
6. Giving & Ministry – money sign
7. Prayer – praying hands
8. Praise – upraised hands
9. Evangelism – one friend holding hands with a friend he led to faith
10. Leaders – two smiley faces

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