Behold a sower went out to sow….

May 27, 2011 in Gospel (F2) by CPM UK

To see a harvest we must sow the seed. We are always asking God to show us how we can go out and sow the seed of the Gospel in the area where we live.

How do you go out and sow the seed of the Gospel in your region?

Lately we were thinking about how Jesus told stories to people that illustrated something about God and His Kingdom. We wanted to share with lots of people how that God loves people and is wanting to find and save them. Jesus told people a story about a woman who had ten coins (Luke 15).  She lost one and because the coin was so important to her she basically turned her whole house upside down looking for the lost coin…..This story illustrates how God feels towards people who have gone astray and the lengths at which He has and does go in order to find them again.

So we have been going out and giving gold coins to people and sharing the story of God’s love for them. Like a missing coin – God is searching for them. With some people we have been able to share about how God has made a way through Jesus for them to be found and re-united with their Father. With others we have just shared that they are valuable to God and that their life does have value.

Do you have any stories about how you are sowing the Gospel in your region?


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