We are a network of co-workers, Churches and ministries who share a common vision to catalyse Church Planting Movements in the 12 regions of the UK and Ireland.

In each of the 12 regions we are looking to see 100 churches that have multiplied to four generations in 3 years.



We are working in the 12 Regions of the UK and Ireland:

Ireland, Scotland, Wales, N. East, N. West, Yorkshire + Humber, East England, E. Mids, W. Mids, S. East, S. West, London


  • We are working and praying towards the establishment of 12 Church Planting Bases/Strategy Co-ordinators – one for each region of the UK and Ireland – who will take up the challenge to see their region discipled and filled with networks of multiplying simple churches
  • We are working with other like-minded groups and ministries such as MissionBritain and Mission Ireland
  • Our vision is to see pioneering workers going out in every region to start simple, multiplying churces amongst the harvest (i.e amongst unreached, unchurched people)
  • As these bases grow and more Apostolic/Pioneering workers are raised up we are believing for more workers who will carry the work of Discipling the UK and Ireland further
  • To this end we resource, network and offer training to pioneers and planters in order to see networks of missional, simple, organic churches multiplying in every region of the UK and Ireland. For more information about the training we facilitate please visit the Newforms Resources Website

Get Involved

  1. PRAY Pray that the Lord will open doors in every region of the UK and Ireland to see Church Planting Movements
  2. JOIN US – Join a Mission team as we visit the villages, towns, cities and regions of the UK and Ireland
  3. SUPPORT – Give financially towards the work  by making a one off donation or a regularly monthly contribution. Please visit the MissionBritain giving page for more info
  4. GET INVOLVED – Do you have skills and gifts that could help to spread the movement (Graphic Design, Admin, Web, Media, Marketing etc)? Contact Us to get involved