7 Commands of Christ (F3)

April 3, 2015 in Disciples (F3) by Ben Taylor

What do you after introducing an oikos to Jesus through the 7 Signs of John?

There’s a need to lay a basic foundation amongst a growing Christ-centred community. The 7 commands of Christ is a tool which is being used globally in multiplication movements and follows 7 themes and commands that are essential to being and making disciples:

1. Change (about repent and faith) – Zacchaeus, Luke 19:1-10
2. Water (about baptism) – Lydia, Acts 16:11-16
3. Fire (about receiving spirit, power, prayer, laying hands) – Acts 8:12-18
4. Tell (about witness, gospel, storying etc) – Woman at the Well, John 4:1-43
5. Pray (hearing God, asking God for boldness, breaking strongholds) – Acts 4:23-32
6. Gather (about church, community, lord’s supper, bring+share etc) – Community, Acts 2:42-47
7. Go (about great commission) – Matthew 28:18-20 and Luke 10:1-20

Each week you introduce a new command to the community through reading the scripture/story and ask 4 simple questions:

1) What does it say?

2) What does it mean?

3) What do we need to do about it?

4) Who can we share this with?

Let us know how you get on using the 7 commands of Christ!

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