Lowering the Church bar/Raising the Discipleship bar

May 25, 2011 in Communities (F4) by CPM UK

Neil Cole recently shared about discipleship and Church

He shared that we need to:

  1. Raise the bar of discipleship
  2. Lower the bar of how Church is done

The way the Church has done things has created passive, consumerist chair warmers. The Church has not multiplied and the nations have not been discipled.

Traditionally The Church has sought to lower the bar of discipleship and welcome anyone making even a flimsy profession of faith. Whilst doing this it has also sought to raise the bar of how church is done so that only a select few can lead, start or grow Churches.

We need to flip these two things around.

We need to live out the discipleship that Jesus demonstrated and taught. We need to help others hear, understand and obey the commands of Jesus. This involves so much more than simply going to a church building on a Sunday.

And as we do this we need to lower the bar of how church is done so that any believer can start and multiply churches.

If we do this then we will see disciples multiplying and churches multiplying. Every disciple will be able to make more disciples and start Churches.


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